Legal Victories


Throughout his seventeen-year career, Chris has earned a proven record of success for his clients in both trial and appellate courts throughout Louisiana and beyond. 

He began his career learning from some of the best trial lawyers in the country. In particular, he had the privilege to be a team member with Henderson Hill and other experienced capital litigators where they secured a life verdict in Brian Nichols' death penalty trial for killing a judge, a court reporter, a sheriff's deputy, and an ICE agent. After moving to Louisiana, he achieved "Not Guilty" verdicts in approximately 20 felony jury trials ranging from drug possession and distribution, to armed robbery, to murder. When lead counsel, he had only one client found guilty by a jury at trial, and that conviction was quickly overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct. Additionally, he has won motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications in state and federal court resulting in dismissals for his clients before trial. 

While at the Unglesby Law Firm, he was part of the trial team led by Lewis Unglesby that won multiple multi-million dollar verdicts for civil clients. Additionally, Chris previously served as the Executive Director of a death penalty appellate office. He argued in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court, who reversed his client's conviction and death sentence. He successfully had his clients' convictions reversed, defeated motions to dismiss federal police brutality lawsuits, and won all different sorts of civil and criminal appeals.

Meghan, a life-long Louisianian, has made a name for herself as an outspoken advocate both inside and outside the courtroom. She has secured numerous "not guilty" verdicts for her clients and has creatively and successfully argued motions to suppress evidence, identification, and statements, among other dispositive motions. She has also triumphantly argued for drastic bond reductions for her clients so they can be reunited with their families and return to their homes, jobs, and communities. Additionally, Meghan has advocated for individuals who were granted release by the parole board.

Meghan has worked on dozens of civil rights cases, including police brutality and misconduct, and jail death cases. She has helped defeat motions to dismiss, overcame motions for summary judgment, successfully litigated for attorney's fees, achieved favorable settlements, and utilized innovative litigation strategies to obtain the best results for her clients. Meghan's no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as being a bulldog in court, but she prides herself on always remaining compassionate, kind, and connected to clients and community. 

Chris and Meghan recently served on the team that fought in federal court for the release of incarcerated children from Angola prison. They cross-examined critical witnesses, contributed to legal strategy, and were instrumental in that victory for their clients. As a result of this win, their case team will be honored at the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers's 2023 awards banquet. 

When hiring the Murell Law team, you are not only getting lawyers with a tremendous record of winning cases, but you are also getting attorneys who prevail in pre-trial litigation and can reverse an adverse ruling by a judge or a jury on appeal. Very few firms can offer this combination of litigation, trial, and appellate successes and victories, all while remaining in consistent communication with clients and their families.