Co-Counsel Partnership

Co-Counsel Testimonials:

"Chris Murell is one of the smartest and most dedicated lawyers I have ever worked with. I am an attorney and I know that you can’t go wrong with Chris as your lawyer." - Douglas Ramseur, Owner and Founder of the Ram Law Firm and Former Chief Capital Defender for Central and Southeast Virginia 

Throughout our careers, we have thrived on collaborative success with other attorneys. From death penalty trials to asbestos cases, we have partnered with other lawyers to our mutual victory and our clients' benefit. 

Based on our experience, we partner with attorneys in civil and criminal cases to achieve our clients' aims. These collaborations include pre-trial litigation, pre-trial writ practice, summary judgment, jury trials, motions for new trial, and appeals. Chris was mentored by Lewis Unglesby for over three-years in these collaborative partnerships. 

We deeply value the input and goals of the lawyers with whom we partner so we can mutually achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 

If you are interested in collaborating in any portion of pre-or-post trial litigation, please contact us