Legal Victories

Throughout my fifteen-year career, I have a proven record of success for my clients in both trial and appellate courts throughout Louisiana and beyond.

I began my career learning from some of the best trial lawyers in the country. In particular, I had the privilege to be a team member with Henderson Hill and other experienced capital litigators where we secured a life verdict in Brian Nichols' death penalty trial for killing a judge, a court reporter, a sheriff's deputy, and an ICE agent.

Afterwards, I moved to Louisiana where I achieved "Not Guilty" verdicts in approximately 20 felony jury trials ranging from drug possession and distribution, to armed robbery, to murder. When lead counsel, I had only one client found guilty by a jury at trial, and that conviction was quickly overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct. Additionally, I have won motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications in state and federal court resulting in dismissals for my clients before trial.

More recently while at the Unglesby Law Firm, I was part of the trial team led by Lewis Unglesby that won multiple multi-million dollar verdicts for civil clients.

Additionally, I have served as the Executive Director of a death penalty appellate office. I argued in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court, who reversed my client's conviction and death sentence. I have successfully had my clients' convictions reversed, defeated motions to dismiss federal police brutality lawsuits, and won all different sorts of civil and criminal appeals.

When hiring me, you are not only getting a lawyer with a tremendous record of winning cases before juries. You are also getting an attorney who prevails in litigation before trial and can reverse an adverse ruling by a judge or a jury on appeal. Very few firms can offer this combination of litigation, trial, and appellate successes and victories.


  • All evidence against my client in a federal gun case is suppressed after judge finds police violated my client's Fourth Amendment rights. Read the opinion here.

  • The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms an $8 million award for my client. Read the opinion here. The Louisiana Supreme Court refuses to hear Corporate Defendants' further appeal here.

  • After I argued before the Louisiana Supreme Court, my client's conviction and death sentence were overturned. Read opinion here.

  • Following a thorough investigation, a Pointe Coupee grand jury refuses to indict my client for homicide. In a separate case, our investigation convinced the St. Landry District Attorney's Office to dismiss attempted murder charges against my client.

  • My comprehensive and exhaustive litigation compelled a large corporation to favorably settle my client's claims of sexual harrassment at the workplace.

  • Our trial team, led by Lewis Unglesby, won a $19 million verdict for our client in a personal injury case. Read article here.

  • The Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the trial court's decision to allow evidence of a prior armed robbery in my client's trial on different charges. Read opinion here.

  • Federal court denies motion to dismiss my client's civil rights lawsuit against the Police Department that shot her in the eye, causing her to become permanently blind. Read opinion here.

  • As lead counsel, only one of my clients has ever been found guilty at trial. After the convictionwhich was reached by an 11-1 vote of jurorsI continued investigating the case. We discovered that the Orleans Parish District Attorney committed prosecutorial misconduct by hiding deals they made with the key witness against my client. Read brief here. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, over the State's objection, sent the case back to the trial court for an evidentiary hearing about this misconduct. Read order here. The State ultimately conceded that my client's conviction should be overturned.

  • In an asbestos case, the trial court erroneously excluded the Plaintiffs' expert that the defendant company caused the deadly mesothelioma. After being retained while at Unglesby Law, I took the lead on authoring an appeal where the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the trial court and reinstated Plaintiffs' expert. Read opinion here.

  • Court of Appeals overturns my client's guilty plea and sentence due to the State's violation of my client's speedy trial rights. Read opinion here.

  • In the middle of a trial against Exxon, we won a ruling that the company's expert was to be extremely limited in the scope of her testimony. Exxon took a mid-trial appeal, and we won in the Louisiana Supreme Court, keeping the limits on its expert. Read opinion here.

  • Court of Appeals finds my client's Fourth Amendment rights against search and seizure were violated and suppresses all evidence, reversing the trial court's decision. Read opinion here.